The Best Things To Do In Nova Scotia, CANADA

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The Best Things To Do In Nova Scotia, CANADA
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We’re here in Nova Scotia is a second province on our road trip across Canadaand we can’t wait to start exploring.

Nova Scotia is a great place to visit, it’s fun interesting and you’re going to have a great time going around cities and a small town, visiting and making a stream for children, I learned so much and even have cool adventures in nature that you will never forget.

The Best Things To Do In Nova Scotia, CANADA
Halifax Harbour Walk, Halifax, Nova Scotia – Credit:

in just 10 days, we had so many incredible experiences in Nova Scotia and yet only scratch the surface of this great province, how a fax is a picturesque and vibrant city we loved walking around the historical street, the beautiful waterfront and taking a tour at the alexander keith’s brewery, which is home to one of the best brewery tours in all of Canada.

bigstock Bluenose 508335 - Pustly.Com
Bluenose II, Halifax – Credit:

Then there’s all the beautiful small towns that Nova Scotia is famous for, Peggy’s Cove Mahone Bay and the UNESCO World Heritage Site of Lunenburg, we fell in love with the beautiful town of Lunenburg and one of the coolest things we did there, was take it to her aboard the Bluenose – which is a replica of the famous Blue Nose a Canadian icon that you’ll not only find on our currency but also in our passport.

The Best Things To Do In Nova Scotia, CANADA
Peggy’s Cove – Credit:

It’s not just a town vessel eventual Russell, it’s a national icon, we live on the ship you’ll see we have a full-time cook on board washers and dryers showers at home “

As someone who loves nature, Cape Breton Highlands National Park really stands out, not only is it home to one of the most beautiful scenic drives in the world, but it’s also a great place to go hiking and explore the outdoors, you’ll find beautiful beaches, waterfalls, rugged coastlines and mind-blowing ocean systems.

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The Best Things To Do In Nova Scotia, CANADA
Cape Breton, Nova Scotia, Canada – Credit:

I think Breton Island is one of the most amazing places in the world, you’re going to get a little bit of everything you come here, we have over a billion years of history in our geology here and it’s created a spectacular landscape, we’ve got mountains hard rock soft rock we’ve got the steep cliffs plunging into the ocean, we have lots of waterfalls from the river canyons and extremely spectacular faultline, the active Fault runs about 36 kilometres into the park.

One of the things I find so special about Nova Scotia, is that even though there’s lots of nature and lots of cool towns to explore, there’s also a lot of interesting history, we learned a lot about all the different cultures that have come here over the years, for example the Acadian French, English, German, Scottish enigma that we’re here before it’s just amazing how all these people came together to make this place what it is.

bigstock Canadian soldier 67009348 - Pustly.Com
Citadel Hill (Fort George) a National Historic Site of Canada in Halifax. Nova Scotia, Canada – Credit:

Exploring Halifax will learn so much about the history of this period of city of Nova Scotia, we went to the Halifax Citadel National Historic Site, where I felt that I was going back in time, as I saw people wearing uniforms from back in the day, I got to see a canon getting fired for the very first time, he was quite loud but he was like so amazing and I had a chance to shoot my very first rifle, which was from 1871 something that I would never forget.

The Best Things To Do In Nova Scotia, CANADA
CSS Acadia permanently docked at Halifax Harbour as part of Maritime Museum of the Atlantic, Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada – Credit:

Then we went to the Maritime Museum of the Atlantic, where I got to see real artifacts and retweet stories of people’s from the Titanic, I also learn about the different , I surmise my objects as well and even though this tends to also send my name in Morse code, that was so cool and interesting.

The Canadian Museum of Immigration at Pier 21,  a place where I felt all access and emotional, as I identified myself with stories and feelings of many immigrants to Canada history, but I also learn about a great impact that innovation has on what Canada is today, making me realize and how lucky i am in leaving such a great nation and inspiring country for people from different backgrounds, races and religions, learning to live together to create a better place to be.

The Best Things To Do In Nova Scotia, CANADA
The Canadian Museum of Immigration at Pier 21

I think a key ingredient what makes a no special is immigration, and the relationships that immigrants build when they come to can of small parts of the world with the people already living here, the first nations or previous waves of immigrants come to Canada, and those accommodations and those arrangements that people made to build a new life in Canada has been really critical to our last 150 years.

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Last but not least, we took a rafting trip on the Shubenacadie River, which the only place in the world where you can wrap the tidal bore, and experience some of the highest tides in the entire world.

Fundy Tidal Bore Adventures - Pustly.Com
Tidal Bore Adventures – Credit:

Nova Scotia is the only place in the world that you can go title or rafting, so it’s obviously unique to our area to meet activity in Canada, and attracts visitors from all over the world, we tides can go up to 55 feet in that with ease on a daily basis.

What an incredible thrill to be able to experience the power of the waves, to see our entire boat fills with water, to even jump off and swim into the waves, and then go mud sliding it’s definitely an experience that I can’t wait to try again .

The Best Things To Do In Nova Scotia, CANADA

What an incredible ten days we had in Nova Scotia, whether it was driving one of the world’s most scenic roads in Cape Breton Highlands National Park, or visiting the beautiful little coastal communities of Lunenburg and Mahone Bay, or just diving into the history of Halifax.

I had a great time in Nova Scotia and I’m so excited to come back and explore this place more.

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