10 Best Things To Do in Helsinki, Finland

10 Best Things To Do in Helsinki, Finland
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Helsinki, Finland’s largest city and capital, sits on a peninsula in the Gulf of Finland. The area is the country’s hub for business, research, education, culture, and government.

It is a vibrant seaside city with green parks and open spaces, historical buildings with fine architecture and beautiful islands interconnected by a maze of bridges. With many interesting attractions for visitors, this compact city can easily explored on foot.

There are the top 10 things to do in Helsinki :

10) SkyWheel Helsinki :

10 Best Things To Do in Helsinki, Finland
SkyWheel Helsinki – Source : vikingline.com

The SkyWheel Helsinki is the highest observation wheel in Finland and is located at Katajanokka. At 40 meters in the air everyone can soak up Helsinki’s scenery and landmarks from a whole new perspective. Visitors can also opt for a VIP experience and get a longer ride, plus a bottle of champagne in a special gondola.

Watch the people getting smaller as you climb higher and admire the panoramic 360-degree views over the city skyline.

9) Suomenlinna Fortress (Free) :

10 Best Things To Do in Helsinki, Finland
Suomenlinna Fortress – Source: bravikvl / shutterstock

Suomenlinna is one of the biggest sea fortresses in the world built off the coast of Helsinki during the era of Swedish rule. Nowadays it is one of the most popular attractions in Finland. The Helsinki City Transport ferry operates throughout the year to Suomenlinna and the ferry journey takes about 15 minutes.

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This Unesco World Heritage Site is an interesting historical and cultural site giving a memorable experience for visitors of all ages.

8) Temppeliaukio Church :

Temppeliaukio Church – Source: flickr

Temppeliaukio was the result of a post-war design competition, won by the Suomalainen Brothers and was inaugurated in 1969. The building is partly underground and has been hewn from the bedrock, which forms the interior walls. Around the central dome is a circular skylight, through which sunlight floods into the main chamber during the day.

Visitors can experience one of the world’s most unique church buildings and see the incredible rock formations and roof structure that make Temppeliaukio one of the biggest attractions in Finland.

7) Nuuksio Reindeer Park :

10 Best Things To Do in Helsinki, Finland
Nuuksio Reindeer Park – Source: Jani Riekkinen / shutterstock

Located about 30 minutes from Helsinki city centre, the Nuuksio Reindeer Park is the southernmost place in Finland where you can see reindeer. Visitors can see the reindeers at close range and feed them with reindeer moss in this natural environment.

There is also coffee, tea and buns that are served in the glow of the campfire in wilderness-style tepee restaurant “White Reindeer”.

6) Helsinki Cathedral :

10 Best Things To Do in Helsinki, Finland
Helsinki Cathedral – Source: flickr

Built in the mid-19th century Helsinki Cathedral towers over Market Square in the centre of Helsinki. It was built in the neo-classical style and its plan is a Greek cross with four equilateral arms.

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The tall green dome reaches a height of 62 metres and four smaller domes and zinc statues of the Twelve Apostles are at the apexes and corners of the roofline. The white interior of the cathedral is minimalist but beautiful in design.

5) Flying Cinema Tour of Helsinki :

Flying Cinema Tour of Helsinki – Source : Myhelsinki.fi

This unique multi-sensory experience will allow you to glide over the city’s sights and landmarks. A fun-packed 4D tour of Helsinki, complete with moving seats and state-of-the-art sound and technology brings the city to life. This unique multi-sensory experience, and will allow you to glide over the city’s sights and landmarks.

Visitors can explore this Nordic city and tick off the sights from a totally different perspective. Race over bridges, zoom over emerald fields, and glide past the tops of clock towers and cathedrals!

4) Market Square :

Market Square Helsinki Source : Pinterest.com

Located on the eastern side of central Helsinki, between the south harbour and Esplanade Park, the Market Square is one of the most famous market places and tourist attractions in the city.

It is an open-air market with fresh farmer’s local produce and a really good place to find Finland specific souvenirs, which in turn supports local merchants and artists.

3) Helsinki Zoo:

10 Best Things To Do in Helsinki, Finland
Helsinki Zoo – Source : discoveringfinland.com

Helsinki Zoo is the largest zoo in Finland and is located on the tranquil island of Korkeasaari, which is accessible via ferry or footbridge.

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The zoo was established in 1889 and this makes it one of the oldest zoos in the world. With over 1,000 plant species, 200 animals and a long story demonstrating nature’s great diversity, it is the perfect place to visit due to its natural environment, animals and history.

2) Helsinki Panorama Sightseeing Bus Tour:

Helsinki Panorama Sightseeing Bus Tour – Source : city-sightseeing.com

Board the Helsinki Panorama Sightseeing bus and take a cultural cruise through the city’s most interesting parts. Visitors can learn the history and fun facts of this amazing city with audio commentary in several languages.

This popular guided, sightseeing tour by bus shows you the most important sights and gives you an excellent view of Helsinki’s past and present.

1) Linnanmäki Amusement park :

10 Best Things To Do in Helsinki, Finland
Linnanmäki Amusement Park – Source: flickr

Linnanmäki is one of the most popular amusement parks in Finland and is located in the heart of Helsinki. It offers more than 50 rides, with roller coasters, bumper cars, a Ferris wheel, pendulum rides, river rafting, water rides and so much more.

Many of the major rides at Linnanmäki break Finnish records with the highest and fastest in the country, but among them are seven that go right back to the park’s origins in the 1950s.

So that sums up our top 10 things to do in Helsinki, we hope you enjoyed

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