10 Best Things To Do in Nice, France

10 Best Things To Do in Nice, France
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Nice, on the French Riviera, has a spectacular location on the Mediterranean’s Bay of Angels. With its world famous shoreline and pleasant year-round climate, it was once part of the Kingdom of Sardinia and a big favourite for wealthy British aristocrats in the 18th and 19th centuries.

Culture lovers and sun seekers are well-served on the glamorous French Riviera, with prestigious art galleries, wonderful beaches, stimulating museums and promenades and boulevards to explore.

There are the top 10 things to do in Nice, France :

10) Nice Le Grand Tour :

Nice Le Grand Tour – Source : Sellingtrip.com

Nice with its deep blue Côte d’Azur waters and elegant buildings is great seen from the top deck of a Hop-on Hop-off open Bus.

Visitors can see the sights and attractions across 14 stops over 1 or 2 consecutive days and listen to the knowledgeable audio commentary. Hear and see history come to life in one of Europe’s most beautiful cities.

9) Musée Matisse :

Musée Matisse – Source: Corentin / Shutterstock

The Matisse Museum, housed in the striking eighteenth-century Villa des Arènes, has one of the largest collections of his work in the world, and visitors are able to get a sense of the wide range of his talent that includes sculptures and monumental paintings.

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There are also a number of temporary exhibitions that shed an interesting new perspective on the life and works of the incredible painter.

8) the lovely Beaches :

10 Best Things To Do in Nice, France
the lovely Beaches – Source: bellena / Shutterstock

Nice is one of the few cities in France that has beautiful beaches right on its doorstep. As many as 30, stretch along the city’s famous Promenade des Anglais. The beaches in Nice extend uninterrupted for more than four miles from the international Nice airport to the foot of the Chateau in the Vieux Port.

The main decision for visitors to make is if they want to go public or private. The public beaches are obviously free of charge and they let you get closer to a more natural beach experience.

7) Museum of Modern and Contemporary Art:

10 Best Things To Do in Nice, France
Museum of Modern and Contemporary Art – Source : TripAdvisor.fr

In the heart of Nice, along the lovely Promenade des Arts, is the Museum of Modern and Contemporary Art. Built in 1990, its artistic, modern architecture is a work in itself and suits its large collection of intriguing modern art.

The museum is a great exploration of some of the key movements within the past century, including a good variety of works from American pop art, American minimalism and European New Realism.

6) Marineland :

10 Best Things To Do in Nice, France
Marineland – Source : Nice.city-life.fr

Welcoming over one million spectators a year, Marineland is one of the largest and most important marine attractions in Europe. It reveals all the wonders of the sea, not only through its famous shows, but also through its environmental, research and reproduction work.

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Visitors can experience everything from polar bears, sharks, dolphins, killer whale shows, and much more!

5) Place Masséna:

10 Best Things To Do in Nice, France
Place Masséna – Source : Rivierabarcrawltours.com

Located in the centre of Nice between the New and the Old Town, this bustling area is the city’s main square. With its striking red buildings, checkerboard ground and monumental fountain, the Place Massena is a wonderful spot for simply sitting and admiring the view.

With the seafront to the south, the shopping street Avenue Jean Médecin to the north, and the lovely Massena gardens surrounding it, you can walk to it from virtually anywhere in the small city.

4) Nice Cathedral :

Nice Cathedral – Source: Sergey Dzyuba / shutterstock

Nice Cathedral was built in the 17th century and has a baroque design. Located in the Vieille Ville, the exterior of this landmark is rather ordinary, apart from its patterned dome, however the intricately designed interior is lavish and composed of ten highly ornate chapels with sculptures, paintings and gilding.

3) Villa Kérylos :

10 Best Things To Do in Nice, France
Villa Kérylos – Source : Amaselections.com

Villa Kérylos is a reconstructed Greek villa in a stunning French location. Visitors can get an insight into life in Ancient Greece and explore the courtyard, see the staterooms on the ground floor and visit the ornate upstairs bedrooms.

On display are luxurious furnishings, mosaics and frescoes inspired by famous scenes from Greek myths and legends.

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2) Parc Phoenix :

10 Best Things To Do in Nice, France
Parc Phoenix – Source: Nikolas_profoto / Shutterstock

Parc Phoenix is located on the western end of the Promenade des Anglais and covers seven hectares. This enormous park includes one of the largest greenhouses in Europe, containing a spectacular range of exotic plants and flowers. There are also animal enclosures and terrariums, with turtles, otters and tropical spiders.

The lake is lovely too, featuring some fascinating species of birds from across the world. With its waterfalls, variety of gardens, and interesting wildlife, this park is a great place to visit for all the family.

1) Promenade des Anglais:

10 Best Things To Do in Nice, France
Promenade des Anglais – Source: trabantos / shutterstock

For the best experience of the gorgeous azure blue of the Mediterranean sea, take a walk along the famous Promenade des Anglais, so-called because it was created by the English, who in the late 18th century would often spend their holidays along this lovely stretch of coast.

The walkway, a pretty division between the sea and the palm trees, was built in 1820 and today can be enjoyed as a place for a leisurely stroll or some relaxing sunbathing on the deckchairs dotted along its edges.

So that sums up our top 10 things to do in Nice, we hope you enjoyed

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