Top 10 Things To Do in Hamburg, Germany

Top 10 Things To Do in Hamburg, Germany
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Hamburg is located on the Elbe River in northern Germany and has one of the largest and busiest ports in Europe. Its location makes it an important link between the sea and Germany’s network of inland waterways and numerous islands.

The city is best known for its famous harbour area and in addition to being a major transportation hub, Hamburg has become one of Europe’s most important cultural and commercial centres, as well as a major tourist destination and one of the most vibrant cities in the world.

There are the top 10 things to do in Hamburg :

10) Elbphilharmonie :

Top 10 Things To Do in Hamburg, Germany
Elbphilharmonie – Source: RossHelen / shutterstock

Officially unveiled in 2017, the Elbphilharmonie is Hamburg’s tallest inhabited building at more than 100 metres. Visitors can explore one of the largest and most acoustically advanced concert halls in the world, learn about the Elbphilharmonie’s history and hear about its role in Hamburg society.

On the shimmering facade are around 1,000 curved windows, and at the very top is the Plaza, an observation deck and sleek cafe both open to the public.

9) Museum Ship Rickmer Rickmers :

Museum Ship Rickmer Rickmers

A museum ship since 1983, the three-masted Rickmer Rickmers is one of Hamburg harbour’s most popular attractions. After almost 90 years of sailing the seven seas, the ship was turned into a museum.

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Today visitors can roam the decks to explore the crew and officer’s quarters, the galley and the engine room, and learn all about its voyages.

8) Wax Museum Panoptikum :

Wax Museum Panoptikum – Source :

Germany’s oldest wax museum is the perfect place to meet famous people from the worlds of history, politics, sport and music. The Panoptikum in Hamburg is packed with waxy wonders including all the national and international celebrities you’ve ever wanted to get a photo with.

With over 120 figures to admire, get up close and personal with the stars, at this fascinating Hamburg attraction.

7) Tierpark Hagenbeck :

Top 10 Things To Do in Hamburg, Germany
Tierpark Hagenbeck – Source :

Visitors can discover more than 1,860 animals from all continents at the Tierpark Hagenbeck, including one of Europe’s largest elephant herds and many free-roaming animals. Learn exciting new things about the animals during shows, or feed an elephant or a giraffe yourself.

Among the park’s 510 species are Asian elephants, leopards, orang-utans, zebras, lions and penguins. With its wonderful panoramas, outdoor enclosures and many cultural buildings, the 19-hectare park delights visitors of all ages.

6) Museum Ship Cap San Diego :

Museum Ship Cap San Diego – Source :

Former cargo ship MS Cap San Diego has been turned into a floating museum and the 159-metre-long vessel is one of the biggest seaworthy museum ships in the world. Stroll around on the different decks and you can learn all about Cap San Diego’s history including how the officers dined, where they slept and the routes the ship took.

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Visitors can explore the boat with the audio guide, check out the exhibitions or join a guided tour of this amazing vessel.

5) St. Michael’s Church :

Top 10 Things To Do in Hamburg, Germany
St. Michael’s Church – Source :

St. Michael’s Church is in the centre of the city and in 1912 the construction of the church that we see today was finished. Visitors can explore the intricacies of one of the most impressive Protestant baroque churches in Europe.

Climb the tower to get a closer look at Germany’s biggest clock bell and admire Hamburg’s city and harbour views from the observation deck at 106 meters above the Elbe River.

4) Hamburger Kunsthalle :

Top 10 Things To Do in Hamburg, Germany
Hamburger Kunsthalle – Source: Claudio Divizia / shutterstock

The impressive buildings host one of the most significant collections in Germany, featuring masterpieces from the Middle Ages till today. Travel through the history of art across two expansive wings and explore a collection of work by the German Romantics and intricate works by the old masters.

Browse your way through the collections in spacious, well-designed galleries within this huge art museum that has something for every art lover.

3) International Maritime Museum :

Top 10 Things To Do in Hamburg, Germany
International Maritime Museum – Source: foto-select / shutterstock

Located in the oldest surviving storage building in the Port of Hamburg, visitors can explore nine ‘decks’ of nautical history at Hamburg’s impressive International Maritime Museum.

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See the Queen Mary II, constructed out of almost a million Lego bricks, try your hand at sailing thanks to a fun steering wheel simulator, and find out how captains of the past mastered navigation and communication. Journey through maritime progress and find out about Hamburg’s amazing nautical past!

2) Miniatur Wunderland :

Top 10 Things To Do in Hamburg, Germany
Miniatur Wunderland – Source: Scott Biales / shutterstock

Miniatur Wunderland is one of the world’s largest model railroad systems and has become a main tourist highlight of Hamburg. Visitors can admire different countries and even an airport in miniature size.

Besides the impressive miniature versions of Hamburg, the Austrian Alps, France, Italy, North America and Scandinavia, there are 15.4 kilometres of railway track and visitors can flick a total of 200 switches to control things like windmills, a helicopter or space shuttle.

1) Planten un Blomen :

Top 10 Things To Do in Hamburg, Germany
Planten un Blomen – Source: Oscity / shutterstock

The Planten un Blomen is a public park in central Hamburg and a wonderful destination for all visitors and especially those seeking relaxation. There is a botanical garden with a tropical greenhouse, an alpine garden with mountain flowers, mosses and lichens, and one of the largest Japanese gardens in Europe.

With playgrounds and other attractions for children, it makes a great family visit.

So that sums up our top 10 things to do in Hamburg, we hope you enjoyed

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