Top-Rated Tourist Attractions in Ontario, Canada

Top-Rated Tourist Attractions in Ontario, Canada
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Canada‘s most populated province Ontario is home to a wide variety of attractions, including Canada’s biggest city the nation’s capital one of the world’s most popular waterfowl and a whole lot of nature, we’re so excited to explore this exciting process.

The are the Top-Rated Tourist Attractions in Ontario, Canada :

Top-Rated Tourist Attractions in Ontario, Canada

We’re now in Ontario the six province on our road trip across Canada, our first stop was Ottawa, Canada’s capital city which is right across the river from Quebec, we learned why Ottawa was chosen as the capital because of its proximity between both English and French Canada.

We first visited the bye time Museum where we learn about the construction of the Rideau Canal which is a unesco world heritage site, but also about all our history how it ran from a small vendors down into the beautiful city that is today.

Winterlude & The Rideau Canal – Celebrating the Canadian Winter

Top-Rated Tourist Attractions in Ontario, Canada
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We also visited the Canadian Museum of History which explores over 20,000 years of human history in Canada it was also cool to learn about everything Canada has gone through over the last hundred fifty years as well as see special exhibitions this is hockey where we got the TV earliest-known hockey stick made in the 1800s.

I really love the strong focus on Canada’s Aboriginal peoples both before and after the Europeans arrived, in fact the building itself is a work of art designed by the famous Aboriginal architect Douglas Carter.

Another cool place is the nearby deepened bunker Cold War Museum, a massive 100,000 square foot bunker that was built to sustain the life of certain delegates in the case of the nuclear war, now it’s home to one of a kind museum as well as the world’s largest escape route.

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We love running around the building like an action hero it solving clues under pressure and trying to beat the clock another great thing to do is to visit Parliament Hill especially during Canada Day when the city holds one of the biggest parties in the country.

ParliaMent hill – The Civic Heart of Canada

Meaning Ottawa for Canada Way was an unforgettable experience I’m so happy that I brought to celebrate the awesomeness of this country a country that has to make me feel loved and welcomed from the very first day.

We had the fortune of being there for Canada’s 150th where we got to briefly meet the Prime Minister listen to dozens of inspiring talks watch talented Canadian artists perform on stage and feeling the energy and pride of Canadians and visitors celebrating what Canada has become and dreaming of the next hundred and 50 years going forward.

One of my favorite activities in Niagara Falls was the bosphorus where we both experienced the power of The Fault we got so close that we got soaked by the meat, another great way to screen people is going behind them where you can admire this world wander up close.

Niagara Falls – Ontario and New York State

Top-Rated Tourist Attractions in Ontario, Canada

it’s so imperfect to see the amount of water that flows over the edge with over 4 million cubic feet of water flowing over the edge every minute Niagara Falls has become one of the world’s natural wonders there are so many ways to experience the fall tour we had the opportunity to see them from a variety of different angles.

I really enjoyed getting a bird’s-eye view of the fall from a helicopter seeing the surrounding area and the mist rising up into the sky.

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We also walked along the river to see the classes and Rapids up close and took an empty cable car to see the area from a different perspective we also explored nearby niagara-on-the-lake which is know not only for its award-winning wine but also for its food scenes we toured vineyards learning how they make the wine sampled all sorts of wine and tried a variety of food while learning about the history of the area.

After Niagara we headed to Toronto one of the world’s most multicultural cities before going deeper into the city we went for a walk around the harbour and then took a cruise to Toronto Island to get a beautiful view of the city skyline, then we took a bus around the city stopping at various sites like the Royal Ontario Museum the Hockey Hall of Fame and Casa Loma, the only castle in Canada.

Royal Ontario Museum

Then we went through the livelihood cafe we learned about their wonderful project that helps refugees and others learn valuable skills to build long-term career.

Like this country is really special than other contents from what you culture and the that is cultures from the way you don’t feel that you’re different than everybody you’re like everybody here, I had to leave Syria because of the war and the kids stayed there we was like I’m pretty sure that we will die here so me and my family we really like Canada and all my brother they said this is our second home we don’t want to leave it and this is a nice country they have talked a lot and also my parents they like it is they think the people all the people they I believe that other people here is very kind

BILAL ALRASOUL – Syrian Refugee

it was heartbreaking to hear some of their stories but heartwarming to see them all welcomed into Canada.

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Prince Edward County – Lake Ontario’s Rustic – Chic Island

Top-Rated Tourist Attractions in Ontario, Canada
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The next day we decided to learn some history and took a tour around the st. Lawrence Market, and the surrounding area to learn about Toronto’s humble beginnings, then we took a food tour of the city which not only introduced us to the food themes but also to some of the city’s culture, we tried handmade chocolates award-winning gelato and quite possibly some of the best fries in the world.

St. Lawrence Market – Canada’s Oldest and Largest Public Market

Next we went to Mississauga to experience the only flight simulator of its kind in Canada a Boeing triple7 sitting next to a real pilot we got a taste of what it’s like to fly such a big jet including taking off and landing in various airports around the world, it really makes you appreciate the work that goes into flying a plane.

We kind warning now we knew that we can leave the province without experiencing its lakes and forests, so we have is called conquering provincial park where we can new and saw some wildlife we went paddle boarding and it’s been hours jumping off the dock and into the water, whether you saying a lot or beat them you cannot save a deuced in Canada without experiencing some of its nature, and one of the best ways to do it and Ontario is in Algonquin Provincial Park.

Algonquin Provincial Park – Canoes , Wolves , and the Great North Woods

Top-Rated Tourist Attractions in Ontario, Canada

From vibrant multicultural cities to lakes forests and stunning natural attractions, Ontario is a great place to explore.

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