Top-Rated Tourist Attractions In Quebec, CANADA

Top-Rated Tourist Attractions In Quebec, CANADA
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We’re in Quebec the fifth stop on our road trip across Canada.

Quebec is a beautiful province, is a place where you can try amazing food, practice your French, fall in love with heritage buildings and injuring nature in different ways from working into a park to climbing a mountain there is something for everyone.

Top-Rated Tourist Attractions In Quebec, CANADA
The towering falls of Montmorency Falls Park – Credit:

We started our trip off on the St. Lawrence Saguenay Seaway , first by ferry and then by whale watching tour, this is one of the best places in all of Canada to see whales and although we had a rainy day we saw so many minke whales seals and even belugas, after our whale watching tour we drove to historic Quebec City, thanks to the European charm and beautiful cobblestone streets of old quebec

This has become one of the most visited places in all of Canada, one of my favorite activities was taking a historical walking tour, not only did our guide bring us to some of the most scenic areas, but he also helped bring the city to light by explaining a lot of the history that’s happened here.

Streets of Old Quebec

Top-Rated Tourist Attractions In Quebec, CANADA
Streets of Old Quebec – Credit:

Another one of my favorite activities was visiting the nearby Montmorency falls, these powerful Falls are incredible to see up close and thanks to the walking loop and bridge, you can see the Falls from all sorts of different angles, if you really want to be adventurous though you can go to the lower deck and actually feel the power of the fall.

It’s not like a hurricane getting pelted by all the cold water and feeling the wind try to knock us over we got soaked but it was such an incredible time, before leaving Quebec city we visited a long one that you can to learn more about ever in that culture we actually got to go enjoy a replica of one of their long houses we even got to make banner over the fire.

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Montreal is a vibrant feeling, in fact with rables experience this lightly feeding on Sunday on Boxing Day, a date where we were able to see how locals celebrate the French Canadian culture, we were also very lucky to see the soccer th light up to the rhythm of classical music and beautiful fireworks that need of the city.

One of my favorite things to do in Montreal is walking around the streets of Old Montreal, and marveling at the architecture of buildings like the Notre Dame Basilica, you really realize how old the city is, another cool place we visited Montreal was the biosphere.

This is the only Museum in North America dedicated to environmental action and education, here we learned about climate change of global warming looked at various organisms under a microscope and experienced the 4d 360 degree video, but immersed us in various degrees of weather such as rain snow and mist while educating us on some emerging technologies, this museum is truly one-of-a-kind.

Montreal’s Old Port, Quebec

Top-Rated Tourist Attractions In Quebec, CANADA
Montreal’s Old Port, Quebec – Credit:

I love Montreal is home to the largest underground complex in the world, and is such a fun city where you can walk around heritage buildings and try all kind of food with a little bit of a twist and of course we can meet the famous poutine and bagels which are known as the best in all Canada, then there’s no oil park where locals and visitors go to get a taste of nature within the city, here you’ll find amazing views of the Montreal skyline various trails and even some small wildlife.

Montreal really is a beautiful and diverse place to visit.

For those looking for adventure Mont Tremblant is the place to go, we got to experience so much there including Ziplining and an apprentice Falconer walk, where we got to feed a hawk with our own hands, it was a really incredible and humbling experience to see the Hawk Glide through the air and land on my hand with such precision.

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I’ve never seen a Hawk up close before and it was mesmerizing to have them just inches away from my face, and then there’s if Trek where we got the zipline around the mountains at speeds of up to 100 kilometres an hour and length of over 3000 feet.

See what an incredibly fun way to experience nature and Mont Tremblant in a really exciting way we got to race each other try different tricks and have fun while looking at the beautiful scenery.

Mont Tremblant, Quebec, Canada

Mont Tremblant, Quebec, Canada – Credit:

In Mont Tremblant I feel I have a true Canadian experience, I got to sleep in a tree house sit around a campfire paddle a canoe and swim in a lake for the very first time.

I just remember I love listening to the sounds of nature seeing the reflection of the trees in the water it was such a great experience, from historical cities in modern art to French culture and bass wilderness Rebecca the products are found to fall in love with, to learn more about what we did in Quebec as well as other provinces during.

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