The Top 10 Things To Do in Antwerp, Belgium

The Top 10 Things To Do in Antwerp, Belgium
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Antwerp is a port city on Belgium’s River Scheldt, with history dating back to the Middle Ages. In its centre, the centuries old Diamond District, houses thousands of diamond traders, with the diamond industry playing an important role in the economy of the city.

During the 16th Century the city was one of the most important places in the country and one of the most significant ports in all of Europe. Today, the city has a reputation for art and fashion, world class museums, beautiful architecture and great food and drink.

There are the top 10 things to do in Antwerp, Belgium :

10) The sculpture Garden at Middelheim museum :

The sculpture Garden at Middelheim Museum – Source :

The Middelheim Museum is one of the oldest and most original open-air museums in the world. The museum offers a fascinating overview of more than one hundred years of visual arts in an exceptional setting.

Visitors can stroll through the park’s leafy lanes and find metal sculptures and large-scale installations scattered around its confines. Should you enjoy a little more structure, there are set routes and maps available to follow.

9) Bobbejaanland :

Bobbejaanland – Source :

Fly into a world of imagination at Bobbejaanland, home to over 40 fun rides and attractions. Visit a cowboy town, experience amazing live shows, take a journey into a volcano and take a ride on the Dreamcatcher VR coaster with a flight through a mysterious world.

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With shows, attractions, playgrounds, and rides galore, Bobbejaanland is guaranteed to keep the whole family busy all day long.

8) Hidrodoe :

Hidrodoe – Source :

Hidrodoe is a science museum dedicated to water and has something exciting in store for all ages. Visitors can experience over 120 activities including launching a hydrogen rocket, creating a giant vortex, battling it out in a game of water football, and visiting a Roman bathhouse.

The central part of Hidrodoe consists of Waterworld where visitors can have experiences and perform experiments. The Waterworld itself comprises of the ‘What Is Water Zone,’ the History Cave, the Landscape and the Aqua Station. There are a thrilling number of hands-on activities and fun for the whole family.

7) Museum aan de Stroom :

Museum aan de Stroom – Source :

The Museum aan de Stroom is a museum located along the river Scheldt in the Eilandje district. It opened in May 2011 and is the largest museum in Antwerp. The museum is a sight to behold, with its multiple, staggered red sandstone levels rising 60m into the air.

It houses nearly half a million items, with permanent and temporary exhibitions all focusing on the city of Antwerp. The spectacular views are worthy of the visit alone where visitors can see over the busy industrial port as well as the many gorgeous historical buildings.

6) St. Paul’s Church, Antwerp :

St. Paul’s Church, Antwerp – Source :

The St. Paul’s Church is a Roman Catholic Church located at the Veemarkt in Antwerp. Its exterior is mainly Gothic with a Baroque tower while the interior is characterised by its rich decoration. The church’s striking interior hosts fifty paintings by renowned Antwerp masters, Rubens, Van Dyck and Jordaens, over 200 sculptures.

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The beautiful Baroque altars and sculpted church furniture are widely considered to be amongst the most beautiful in the world.

5) DIVA, Diamond Museum Antwerp :

DIVA, Diamond Museum Antwerp – Source :

Antwerp is known for its diamond district that is located west of the Central Train Station. Around 85% of the world’s uncut diamonds find their way here and result in the employment of more than 30,000 people. The DIVA diamond museum is the largest of its kind in the world and will tell you everything you need to know about diamonds and the industry here.

A trip to the DIVA Diamond Museum is a trip back in time, and a lesson in the art of diamond-cutting, an amazing journey through the world of diamonds, jewellery and silverware.

4) Antwerp Zoo :

Antwerp Zoo – Credit: Antwerp Zoo/ Jonas Verhulst

Antwerp Zoo is located in the centre of Antwerp, next to the Central railway station. It is the oldest animal park in the country, and was established in 1843.

The zoo has 950 different species and 5000 animals that live at this popular attraction. There are daily penguin feeding sessions and sea lion shows, plus the zoo has an established conservation program.

3) Rubenshuis :

Rubenshuis – Source :

This small museum is located in the former studio and home of one of the most famous Flemish painters of all time. Peter Paul Rubens lived in the 17th century and created some of the most beautiful altarpieces, portraits and landscapes in a specific baroque style.

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The Rubenshuis itself is a masterpiece of architecture and the walls of the building are adorned with an impressive selection of Rubens’ artwork and paintings, including his very own self-portrait.

2) Antwerp Central Station :

Antwerp Central Station – Source : Wikipedia

Antwerp Central Station is, quite simply, stunning and was known as the railway cathedral for decades. In walking on its black diamond tiles, visitors feel transported into a magical scene. The Gothic architecture of the building’s impressive exterior will take your breath away and the main hall is equally splendid.

The station is one of the city’s most treasured landmarks and has been rated as one of the world’s top five most beautiful train stations.

1) Museum De Reede :

Museum De Reede – Source :

Museum De Reede is Belgium’s first museum dedicated entirely to graphic art in the vibrant city of Antwerp. The collection of Museum De Reede, which is unique and still growing, consists exclusively of works on paper: lithographs, engravings, etching, wood prints and drawings that span over five centuries. Visitors can enjoy the works of three art masters: Edvard Munch, Francisco Goya, and Félicien Rops displayed in the context of contemporary cultural events. Also on display are the works of 15 other graphic artists from around the world.

So that sums up our top 10 things to do in Antwerp, we hope you enjoyed

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